Summary of rules

Game time consists of three 15 minute periods. Stop time for the last 5 minutes of each period. 

Overtime in regular season will consist of a 3 vs 3, 5 minute overtime. If no winner is decided, a 3 person shootout to determine a winner. Away team will shoot first. Oshie rule: after 3 shooters, team may select any player to attempt shot. 2 points awarded to overtime winner, 1 point for overtime loss.
(Overtime in playoff games will consist of 15 minute periods until a winner is decided.) 

Minor penalties serve a 1 minute 30 second stop timed penalty.

Unique rules for PDX Ball Hockey:

Lobbing:  A player in the defensive zone behind the blue line may not lob a ball above the height of the 9ft marker at the post located at center red line. Play shall be stopped when ball crosses the back end line. IF goalie plays ball prior to crossing back line to lob shall be called off.  A lobbing violation will result in a faceoff deep in the offending team’s zone. Lobbing is permitted while a team is on the penalty kill as this is our form of icing.

Roughing penalties will include: The action of pushing an opposing player into the fence with a force deemed excessive by the referee.

High-sticking the ball above the height of the player's shoulder shall result in the assessment of a minor penalty.

Ball stuck in fence or board will cause stoppage of play and faceoff will ensue from where the ball was shot from, unless in the case the offensive team's shot in the offensive zone is the cause, then face-off will occur at center ice.

Delay of game will consist of: